Bryce Michael Wilson

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  • ~200 Members
  • Python, PHP, JQ, Bash


  • C++, Rust

WikiData Explorer

  • Java
  • Structured Data







Cloudflare Workers

The University of British Columbia


BSc Computer Science, Science One, Dean's Honour List, CS GPA 92.7 (A+)

The University of California, Berkeley

Summer 2021

Summer Operating and Distributed Systems course

Teaching Assistant, UBC Computer Science Department

January 2021–Present

I am a Teaching Assistant for CPSC 203 which is a Computer Science class for non‐CS majors. I work directly with professor Cinda Heeren and I am involved in the creation of course materials since this is a new course.

Research Assistant, UBC Centre for Heart Lung Innovation, St. Paul’s Hospital

June 2020–Oct 2020

Research assistant under the direction of Dr. Denise Daley and her research team. My primary role was to develop data processing systems as needed for ongoing research projects.

Head of Facilities and Pool Maintenance, Crescent Beach Swim Club

June 2016–Present

Maintain pool chemical balance and cleanliness in accordance with Public Health Standards; assist with building, repairing, and maintenance of equipment, facilities, and grounds as needed; ensure the entire facility is safe for public use; interact with members to ensure their safety and well‐being. This year (2021), I will be teaching a training course for new employees.

Science Case Competition, First Place Team

Sci Team, Science Undergraduate Society

First Year Putnam Score: 7

Mathematical Association of America

Dean's Honour List

UBC Faculty of Science

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